NIC Jalore and District Computerisation

NIC District centre at Jalore was established in the year 1988. NIC District centre is functional in District Collectorate building. Two officials, District Informatics Officer (DIO) and District Informatics Associate (DIA) are posted from NIC for the need of District Administration and other district officials.

National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premiere S&T organization of the Government of India in the field of Informatics Services and Information Technology (IT). NIC has established a nationwide ICT Network – NICNET – with gateway nodes in Central Government Departments, 35 State/UT Secretariats, and in almost all 602 District Collectorates, for IT services. The Government has designated the nation-wide Computer-Communication Network, NICNET, as the Government Network

With the coordination of NIC officials and district administration as well as other district level officials, NIC has established its necessity in various administrative and decision level work. NIC centre has the high speed Internet link of All India Satellite Based Computer Communication Network, NICNET. The district centre is equipped with high speed VSAT, Unix & Windows servers, client windows systems, terminals and other peripherals for catering the communication and other needs of the district administration and various district offices. Depending on the wide variety of work, NIC has various working environments like UNIX, Windows and Linux.

The Various project are implemented at Nic District Center Jalore SUGAM

1. Single Window System

History:SUGAM :- is a computerized single window server (SWS) installed at Rajasthan government to deliver routine, repetitive services to citizens in a trouble free and time bound manner. It provides a one-stop solution to citizens wherein they get a number of public services at a single point in a transparent, accountable and time bound manner.

Permission letter for birth/death certificate and renewal of arms licenses. Overwhelming response to this intervention encouraged the district administration to extend SWS to all tehsil and sub-tehsil headquarters in the district.

Process:  The applicant gives his application form at the Single Window Counter. After the scrutiny of the papers the application form is handed over to the computer operator who enters the name, date, unique application number and certificate type along with the date of certificate receipt. The applicant is given a receipt and a sticker copy of the same receipt is stuck to the application and handed over to the UDC incharge. If there are no shortcomings then appropriate remarks are made and the application is temporarily kept in the ‘Complete’ tray. At 3 pm, the operator enters the information of all the applications in the ‘Complete’ tray and takes out printouts of the certificates. This process can also be carried throughout the day whenever the opportunity arises

The completed certificates along with the attached documents are sent to the desk of the designated officers in a ready for signature state or for necessary action. Along with the certificates, an automatically generated cover letter is also sent with the details of the applications. This is to serve as an office record of the concerned officer. A copy of the same is maintained at the Sugam SWS. The designated officers prepare the certificates, documents or compliance report and deliver it before stipulated time of service delivery.

On the stipulated time of service delivery, as mentioned in the client's receipt, the certificate, document or compliance is delivered to the citizen on production of the deposit receipt. The SWS has an inbuilt continuous monitoring system. These reports bring about the progress in terms of number of applications received, disposed, pending within time limit and pending beyond time limit for each single window service. The applications pending beyond time limits are rigorously followed and delivered with an introspection as to the reason for delay so that delays are not repeated.

Once all SWSs of the district are connected, it will be possible to monitor them on real time basis from district headquarters

Slient Features of the SUGAM:

  • Software Design to delivers according administrative procedure .
  • Solutions to all technical problem
  • All formate are legally vetted
  • Provision for confidentiality and authorized user interface
  • Printed receipts to applicant
  • Accuracy
  • Time bounded delivery of service with transparency
  • Procedural simplification by reducing file and paper work


  • The room space of aprox 400sq feet with provision of 1 window counter .
  • Site  preparations as per specificationsAll formate are legally vetted
  • Computer  equipment and LAN
  • Counter furniture 
  • Display  board
  • Procedural simplification by reducing file and paper work

Benefits of  citizens:

  • Single Point interaction.
  • Time and Coast Saving . 
  • Objectivity. 
  • Time bound service delivery.

Benefits to government:

  • Better deployment of resources.
  • Better service delivery and higher citizen  satisfaction
  • Accountability and transparency  promoting good governance
  • Development  reliable decision support system


SUGAM is a computerized single window server (SWS) installed in feb 2011 in JALORE DISTRICT to deliver routine,repetitive services to jalore citizens in a trouble free and time bound manner. It provides a one-stop solution to citizens wherein they get a number of public services at a single point in a transparent, accountable and time bound manner.

In jalore district there are 7 tehsils bagoda,sayla,bhinmal,raniwada,sanchore,ahore including Jalore and each every tehsils has been a single window system installed with necessary specification required for sugam (single window).


SUGAM SRVICES                                                      TIME COMMITMENT

Preparation of domicile certificate                                  1day

Preparation of SC/ST certificate                                    1day

Preparation of OBC for central and state level                 1day

Preparation of SBC for state level                                  1day

Preparation of letter of birth/death certificate                  1day

Preparation of certificate of solvency                            1day

Preparation of minority certificate                                 1day 

The time line of single window system


  • The room space of aprox 400sq feet with provision of 1 window counter
  • Site  preparations as per specifications
  • Computer  equipment and LAN
  • Counter furniture
  • Display  board
  • Office furniture
  • Personnel to man counters

Public grievences monitoring system

NIC Jalore has developed a system to monitor public grienvances at District level. The grievances are registered in the computer and processed further.The system enables administration to follow up the matters with concerned officers and departments in a timebound way.

System has a facility of various reports to have knowledge of pendency at various office levels and due date wise

The matters of vigillance and district helpline are also registered in this system to have a better working of the vigillance and helpdesks.

Land Record Computerization

LRC is a joint project of Government of Rajasthan,Ministry of Rural Development and National Informatics Centre (NIC).. NIC had taken up the project for Jaipur Barmer districts to study the existing system of Land Records in the Rajasthan before standardization of the software package. It followed by a lot of discussions between the State Revenue Board, Revenue department and NIC(LR) division. The software was prepared by the NIC, Rajasthan State Unit, Jaipur in Oracle on Unixware platform and in VB SQL server on WINDOW platform for tehsil.

The Land Record Computerization in Jalore district has completed the data entry of Jamabandies, i.e. records of rights, of 7 Tehsils – Jalore, Ahore, Raniwara,Sanchore,Sayla,Bogoda,Bhinmal. After data entry and proper checking of all records data converted from UNIX to WINDOW by our State Unit and tehsil wise data was shifted to tehsil HQ.The Infrastructure for the project has already been developed and the Computer rooms equipped with all necessary facilities has been provided at all the six tehsils.Now Jamabandi NAKAL(copy of Record of Right) is provided at tehsil computer center (AAPNA KHATA) by the trained patwaries. Now the system of continuous updating, checking and regenerating annually has been adopted. It has not only eased the work of patwaries but benefited the cultivators(kastkars). All tehsil HQs have been connected with Internet and one can have a copy of record by way of internet.

 Treasury Computerization

Treasury computerization was another major project carried out by NIC, Jalore within the time limit. All the activities of account compilation process and other works which were earlier done manually, are now being done with the help of computers. All the required softwares were developed and provided by NIC, Rajasthan State Unit,Jaipur.The various works carried out under this project are

Treasury Computerization

Under this project, data entry for challans and vouchers are being done at Treasury on regular basis. The computer generated fortnightly and monthly accounts aresubmitted to along with other MIS reports to Director Treasury and Accounts.

Total No of DDO                                              156

Out of Which Computerised                              149  

Total Employees                                              6216    

(Excluding Panchayat and Nagar Palika)

  Employee Pensions

Civil                                                                          2387

Local Funds                                                               49 

MLA                                                                          5

Gujarat                                                                        14

MadhyaPradesh                                                            2   

 Sub-Treasury Computerization Project 

The Infrastructure at Sub treasury level i.e. computer rooms had already been prepared and the computers were installed. The sub treasury s/w has been installed and accounts from sub treasuries are brought to treasury where these accounts are merged with treasury account for consolidation of the account at district treasury. All the sub treasuries are connected to Treasury through NIC Jalore so that the account can be sent to treasury through dial up connectivity. Training has been imparted to all officers and sub-treasury staff members to use sub-treasury software and transmit data.Sub Treasury-Raniwara and Sanchore.

 Old Age Pension

 One of the major schemes of social security is the OAP scheme which consists of both the schemes State Old Age pension scheme and Central Old Age pension scheme. The Block Development Officer is the sanctioning authority for rural area and Sub Divisional Officer for urban areas. Old age, Widows and Disabled persons unable to earnlivelihood are provided monthly pension as minimum means of survival. The monthly pension payments are made by treasury/sub-treasury by Money Order or Cash.A computerized system has been introduced to auto generate Money order in treasury and sub treasuries along with M.O. Check list, OAP Ledger and relevant registers are also processed by the system. It keeps complete track of apensioner’s detail

Oldage Benefeciaries                     20400       

Widow Pensioners                            5600     

 Disabled Pension                             3000  

 Total                                                  29000 Cases of Pension(Social Welfare) 

 LTA (Long Term  Advance)  The Government of Rajasthan provides various long term advances to their employees as HDFC, HBA, HUDCO and MCA. Recoveries are made through salary bills. At treasury system Loan accounts of employees are maintained. The software generates automatic loan detail of an employee as total loan, recovered amount and balance to be recovered. It generates reports viz. Ledger and recovery posting register.

HBA Advance                      191-65(Total-Running)

Vehicle Adv.                          288-121       

 HDFC                                  50-11

Stamps The module maintains the online record of stamps. It facilitates with the indent preparation, sale register, stock reports (Single and Double Locks) and vendor wise reports. It generates at any moment vendor wise sales and commission reports.

Paybill Computerisation Project As per the directions of the Government of Rajasthan, It has been made compulsory for all the departments to submit the computerized paybill data in softcopy to the treasury. In this connectionsoftwarehas been developed and provided by the NIC, Rajasthan State Unit, Jaipur and implemented by loading the software on their Computers and imparting training to their respective staffCSPs (Computer Service Providers) have also been authorized in the district for the preparation of computerized salary bills for the departments not having computer facility. The data from departments is received in floppy/CD to treasury along with the paybill.

Data Depository System [DDS] Project - Under this project all the paybill data received by the DDOs in softcopy under Paybill Computerization project is checked by the DDS s/w.If there is any discrepancy in the bill it is objected and sent back to DDO. Annual statement of salary detail (GA 55) and other various reports are generated by this  system.

District Website(

The District website has been designed and maintained by NIC,Jalore.The approved data has been provided byDistrict Authorities,and the PRO has been appointed nodal officer for ensuring updation of data.

District Court Computerization system

Daily cause lists are generated through the system in the District Courts. Information of Advocates, File Number of a particular case, name of petitioner and case details is entered in computer through software provided by NIC, Jaipur. Software for establishment has also been installed and working smoothly. Other works of Court are also carried on computer.

E-mail and Internet Connectivity to Govt.

Email and Internet Connectivity has been provided to various Government Departments through LAN or dial-up such as -

  • District Collector
  • Superintendent of Police
  • District & Session Judge
  •  DRDA
  • Treasury Officer
  • Sub-treasury Officer, Sanchore
  • Sub-treasury Officer, Raniwada
  • All Tehsildar
  • CMHO
  • Secretary, Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, Jalore
  • Secretary, Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, Bhinmal

Video Conferencing Services


This project was taken up under the 100 days action plan of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan. This facility has been started in district Jalore in April 2004. A DAMA VSAT, 29 Color TV etc. are installed in the Video Conferencing Studio. All video & data are transferred with NIC satellite based links, this facility is provided by using DAMA VSAT technology, which works at high speed (128 kbps-256kpbs) link.  The studio helps the district administration as well as state level officers for fast two-way and multipoint communication with the Officers stationed at the capital and other districts HQ.


Recently E-Samadhan VC Services has been started, in which hon. CM  interacts with DM and other Officials regarding serious public grievances.

Elections Computerization 

During Parliament and Assembly Elections NIC district unit Jalore performs an important role with District Administration. The following works were carried out at our center

·        Polling party formation

·        Scanning of candidates affidavits

·        Calculation of polling percentage (A05 & P05) at the polling day and transmission to Chief Election Officer.

·         Establishing a computer setup at counting center and generate A07, A08 and P09 at counting center and transmit the result to Chief Election Officer, Jaipur, Election Commission, Delhi and Doordarshan, Delhi. 


NIC Rajasthan declares Rajasthan Board Results at web site ( and simultaneously send district wise data to district centers. We download our district data and generate district wise result and provide a hard copy to PRO also to display it at ‘Information Centre’ for public. This result list contains roll number, name, marks in each subject.  For the last few years, we have been providing results in this manner. A number of students come to NIC centre and Information center to see the results and benefited by the facility. 

Agriculture Marketing Price Monitoring (AGMARK)

Under this project software has been implemented for daily Monitoring of Commodity prices at Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti Jalore and Bhinmal. This data is also used to update prices at National Level using dial up connectivity at local district center. 

Confonet Project

Consumer Court Computerization project H/W and S/W Received. Site prepared. The Consumer court cases will be computerized and status monitored.

Employment Exchange

Employment Exchange Management system has been installed at Employment Exchange,Jalore.Aslo the software for EMI(Emplyment Market Information Sysnetm) and  Letter Monitoring system has been installed.

Medical Projects Support

There are several projects running in Medical and Health department and their online reporting has been done thru the nicnet. The main programs reported are

§         Swasthaya Chetna Yatra(Dec’06) -264 Gram Panchayat,7 blocks.Daily Date wise camp reporting and daily gram panchayat wise check list entry.

§         Routine immunization Program

§         Pulse Polio Campaign  Program

§         Integrated Disease Surveillance Program

§         E-learning Sessions for Medical Depts

§         IT Infrastructure  Survey at CMO


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